• New financial manager OVATA

    My name is Ivo van den Akker and I recenlty moved to the centre of Delft. During my study at Hogeschool HAS Den Bosch, I worked at OVATA through an internship. After that I was allowed to continue my career with a Master and various employers in floriculture. Now I am back at OVATA in the position of financial manager where I am responsible for the (financial) figures and everything related to this. The great thing about this function is that I can help OVATA to a next life, based on the statistical basis.
    My hobbies are Waterpolo and fitness.

    Welcome Ivo!

  • OVATA is celebrating

    On 1 July 1987, Hans Ammerlaan started the company “Plantenkwekerij Hans Ammerlaan”. In the early years only Crassula were grown, but soon this was expanded with several succulent families like Aloe, Haworthia, Pachyphytum and Echeveria.

    Now we are 30 years further and the company is still growing and renewing.
    Because it is OVATA’s birthday, everybody receives a OVATA sunscreen factor 30.

  • New colleague!

    We warmly welcome our new colleague Jaël Joosse at OVATA.

    A short introduction: Jaël Joosse, 41 years old, married and mother of 4 children. I live in Benthuizen a village next to Zoetermeer in the Netherlands.

    After finishing my horticulture in Delft, I worked in several companies related to crop protection. When i gave birth, I stopped working. After my third child I started a part-time job at the WUR in Bleiswijk. Since the 12th of June I have been working at OVATA. I’m going to work as a specialist in crop protection. I am already enjoying my new job allot. I find it a fun and challenging job with plenty of variety and a lot of contact with colleagues and external companies.

  • OVATA is expanding!

    Two weeks ago Havecon projects started working on a new 3-hectare greenhouse. It is being build on the site where an OVATA greenhouse burned down on 1 October 2012. We can therefore put the unpleasant past firmly behind us.

    The greenhouse is expected to be complete in Week 37 of 2017. After which there will be time and space for:

    –              insect netting

    –              double shade cloths

    –              heating

    –              electricity (climate computer, ventilation fans, etc.)

    –              water (ebb-and-flow, misting, hose reels, etc.)

    –              container system

    The greenhouse should be ready for production by Week 20 of 2018.