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In 1974 owner Hans Ammerlaan started growing and searching for succulents as a hobby. As a 7-year-old, he was given a few Crassula ovata cuttings by a grower. This was the start of his passion of growing succulents.

As his father (whose name was also Hans) had a flower nursery, he was able to develop his hobby in his father’s greenhouse. After completing horticultural secondary school, he turned his hobby into his job. On 1 July 1987 the one-man business ‘Plantenkwekerij Hans Ammerlaan’ was founded, with a surface area of 4,000 square metres. During the first years, only Crassulas were grown, but this was soon extended to several succulent families, such as Aloe, Agave, Haworthia, Pachyphytum, Kalanchoe and Echeveria.

In 1998 the name ‘Plantenkwekerij Hans Ammerlaan’ was changed and the company was named after the cutting which started it all: ‘OVATA’. In the meantime, OVATA has grown into a company with 25 permanent employees and 102,000 m² of greenhouses.

“Only the strongest succulents,
pure nature, grown by OVATA”