SuPure® brand

The SuPure® brand is the result of our dedication to growing succulents in harmony with nature. It represents the very best in succulents on the market today: superior in purity.

The stylish packaging is fully recyclable, waterproof and made of certified FSC cardboard.

The OVATA supure® brand

Superior in purity

Find the SuPure® assortiment at garden centres, retailers and florists. Each plant on a concept table is selected for its unique characteristics. Uniquely designed pottery provides the finishing touches to our SuPure® collection.


The names of our succulents are very diverse, ranging from ‘hulk’ and ‘trompet’ to ‘demi’ and ‘sophie’. Most of our succulents originate from South Africa or Mexico. The plant passport distinguishes eight separate plant families: Aloe, Haworthia, Astroloba, Gasteria, Crassula, Pachypytum, Echeveria and Pachyveria.


The SuPure® succulents are divided into three sub-brands: ROCKS, WOODS and pearls. In addition to these succulent sub-brands, our Aloe veras are also available individually. The different pot sizes and our breeding programme are based on market demand.

SuPure® assortment

Every SuPure® succulent is grown to display the same high quality standards, intensity of colour and sturdiness. The succulents we grow are thoroughly tested to ensure a long-lasting and hardy plant that can easily satisfy the high SuPure® standards. We achieve this through craftsmanship and innovation in all areas within our organisation. Sustainability and commitment also ensure OVATA a very bright future.

SuPure® by OVATA is available through the supply portals, incl. Floriday, FloraXchange and our personal sales division.