Growing better, respecting the environment

OVATA stands for the highest quality and an innovative assortment. We grow and deliver succulents as pure as can be and are continuously innovating.



Respect the environment

OVATA stands for high quality and an innovative assortment. Sustainable business is becoming increasingly important. This is also visible in the environmentally friendly way in which the Pure Succulents are grown.


Grow your own tree

The Crassula from the WOODS series originate from the Karoo desert in South Africa. In the dry, hot and extensive plains you can find these compact and sturdy small plants.


Shines like a pearl

Echeveria need little water and are very suitable for inside and outside, because these PEARLS succulents are fine with high temperatures and blazing sun.

Aloe Jaws

Hard as a Rock

The ROCKS originate from South Africa. In the rugged and rocky part of the country they are the real fighters of the dry landscape. The Rocks series comprises the strongest of all succulents.


“Only the strongest succulents,
pure nature, grown by OVATA”