OVATA's pure adventure

“Bleiswijk, The Netherlands, 1974. Somewhere in a small greenhouse a child sits in the corner. He has a very concentrated gaze. Next to him, a sharp knife to cut plants. Carefully and fascinated, he studies the cutting of the Crassula Ovata, which he received from a grower.

At that moment, 7-year-old Hans Ammerlaan cannot possibly have guessed that this single cutting of ‘the lucky plant’ is the beginning of a great entrepreneurial adventure. And a passion that would never fade.”


His father, who was also called Hans, owner a flower nursery, which enabled the 7-year-old to expand his hobby in the greenhouse. After finishing the secondary horticultural school he turned his hobby into his business. On 1 July 1987, as a sole trader, he founded “Plantenkwekerij Hans Ammerlaan” with a total area of 4,000 m². With this the passion to propagate and cultivate succulents started.
In the early years only Crassulas were grown there, but soon this was expanded with several succulent families such as Aloe, Haworthia, Pachyphytum, Gasteria, Echeveria and cactus.




In 1998 the name ‘Plantenkwekerij Hans Ammerlaan’ was changed and the company was named after the first cutting with which it all started; ‘OVATA’. In 2007, with the aid of a new construction in 2007, OVATA became an automated, robotised and mechanised greenhouse horticulture company with 102,000 m² of greenhouses.
The OVATA crew consists of 40 permanent employees and extra manpower during high season. Together we guarantee quality, sustainability and a pleasant atmosphere.

‘Cultivating top-quality succulents is a passion. A passion that will never fade’

Hans Ammerlaan