Aloe vera project for women without lips in Uganda, Africa.

The Thot-Worldwide Foundation, Theatre for Education was set up in 2009, at the instigation of Maarten Bootsma. The aim of the foundation is to open up social and societal issues for discussion and provide transparency for the target group ‘youth (12-18 years) and adults’ by means of educational and interactive theatre performances anywhere in the world, and in particular, in developing countries.

After an interview with one of the victims of Kony, the next project arose: ‘Help women in Uganda grow old without pain’. In Northern Uganda, there are many women whose faces were severely mutilated by rebels during the war. Their ears and lips were cut off. Every day these women suffer and fight for their existence. Their dream is to grow old free of pain.
In 2012, OVATA provided and distributed propagation materials for 1,500 Aloe vera plants. From these cuttings, 9 magnificent fields were planted, and OVATA also funds their maintenance. Each woman receives cuttings from this field, to plant their own field. In 2014, 1,000 cuttings were transported to Southern Uganda. The plants took root and thrived, however, in early 2017 a virus broke out, and the field is now on its last legs. A major set-back! Things don’t always go according to plan. In April, a further 1,200 cuttings were brought to this region, and work was restarted.
The Aloe Vera plant is a cactus whose leaves contain a gel which immediately eases pain and makes skin supple. The women can learn to process this gel into medicine. So, they help themselves, their environment, and they are able to earn their own money, to live ……. without pain!

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