Our mssion is to cultivate experience. We do this with passion and respect for both people and nature. Our wish is to create a happy environment through our succulents. We work hard to be a sustainable business that is dedicated to the conservation of our environment.

Consistency, reliability and quality have always been important values for us. As we are of the opinion that these are basic preconditions for good entrepreneurship, we at OVATA consider these key factors to be only a logical consequence of doing business. What truly sets OVATA apart is the pure aspect of the family business. We understand the value of being ‘real’ and have made this one of the core values that play an important role not only in the way we cultivate our succulents and expand our business, but also in how we treat our colleagues, customers, and suppliers. ‘Real’ is a core value that suits us in many ways and is ingrained into everything we do at OVATA, reflecting our intention to be part of an honest and authentic business undertaking.



Growing experiences with passion and respect for people and nature.



Creating happiness for our environment.

Core values

Real and Adventurous.

35 years OVATA.
1987 – 2022