SuPure® balance


Curious about how we take our responsibility? OVATA is sustainable on various processes within the organization. We continue to innovate through data, learning from other sectors and experimenting.


We prove that natural cultivation makes no concessions to quality or performance. The foundation is balance: SuPure® balance; SuPure® succulents, SuPure® planet en pure people.

SuPure® balance

SuPure® succulents

Cultivation in harmony with nature is important. OVATA grows its SuPure® succulents according to the principles of nature. This results in shiny plants with a strong character. This makes us happy, but more importantly, also our customer.


SuPure® planet

Water, heat and energy – we only have one planet. We contribute to sustainability by using the best techniques and innovations. One of the developments is a 100% closed Water Life Cycle.


SuPure® people

We are careful with our people. OVATA is proud that we can bind people to our company for a long time. We also work together with the Ipse de Bruggen foundation!