The SuPure® succulents are divided into three sub-brands: ROCKS, WOODS and pearls.


ROCKS – TOUGH POWERHOUSES. ROCKS are as hard as rocks. These tough powerhouses survive effortlessly in the hottest parts of South Africa. The ROCKS varieties consist of the Haworthia, Gasteria, Astroloba and the Pachypythum. The queen of ROCKS is, however, the Aloe. ROCKS are stiff and rough plants, with thick fleshy leaves in which they store water to tide them over during dry spells.


WOODS – GROW YOUR OWN TREE. The strong, classic Crassulae from the WOODS varieties are indoor-friendly succulent trees. Taking good care of these succulents contributes to their steady and constant growth.


pearls – AN ARRAY OF COLOURS. The pearls varieties include the Pachyveria, the more exclusive Dudleya and the popular and fast-growing Echeveria, which features not only green but also purple, blue and bright white varieties.