Growing better, respecting the environment

OVATA delivers pure nature, a concept which delights you. This is how we guarantee high quality and an innovative range of products. 75% of our assortment consists of our own varieties. These are succulents with plant breeders’ rights.

Each and every plant we grow has been tested to see how it will perform in the home, to make sure we produce a long lasting and durable product.

Via the supply portals, Floriday and our personal sales, our SuPure® succulents find their way to florists/retailers, garden centres, cash & carry stores and retail chains. By consistently delivering high quality plants, our exporters and end clients have been transformed into ambassadors for OVATA.


The succulent:

a survivor

They do not have the capacity to grow, but instead they have the power to survive. That is what gives the succulent its existential right. The succulent plant group is large and includes cacti, succulents and caudex. A succulent plant is a true survivor which also thrives in extreme climates. Even in very dry areas like the Mexican peninsula of Baja California where it only rains once every fifteen months. The well-insulated plant stores moisture to survive the dry periods. The water can be stored in the root, stem or leaf.