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As hard as a rock

OVATA grows the ROCKS series, the strongest of all succulents, with great craftsmanship.
The succulents in the ROCKS series are as hard as a rock!

The ROCKS originate from South Africa. In the rugged and rocky part of the country they are the real fighters of the dry landscape. ROCKS grow without problems in the country’s driest and hottest rocky areas.  They are long-lasting and thrive both inside and outside, anywhere from a sunny terrace to a dark bathroom. Within this series many novelties are available as well. Quickly discover the logistical top products!

  • Plants are as hard as a rock
  • Very long-lasting
  • The logistical number one!
  • Various novelties
  • Sturdy indoor plants
  • A real fighter. Requires little attention or care.
  • Broad range of application: from a sunny terrace to a dark bathroom
  • Originally from the Indian Ocean and South Africa
  • Tray is completely recyclable and made of FSC cardboard

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protected1 = variety is protected

Nursing tips
The Haworthia and Aloe like half shadow or shadow. In principle the plant can be put in almost any place in the house you like: from the window sill on the north side to the bedroom, as long as it is not in full sun. In the summer months the Haworthia and Aloe can be placed outside on a terrace or balcony but then too not in full sun. The plant only needs a little water and therefore can do without for a fairly long period of time. Moderate watering once a month is sufficient. Click here to find more information about the Haworthia and Aloe.

Aloe aristata magic



Pachyphytum oviferum


Aloe jaws

Aloe jaws (Custom)


Haworthia limifolia


Haworthia concolor

Haworthia concolor

Aloe squarrosa


Haworthia universe


Aloe demi

Aloe demi (Custom)


Haworthia cooperi


Gasteria Flow



Aloe variegata magic


Gasteria okavango

Gasteria okavango (Custom)

Aloe perfoliata


Aloe reitzii

Aloe reitzii_lichter van kleur.png

Gasteria sophie



Aloe humilis

Aloe humilis (Custom)

Cereus paolina

Cereus peruvianus Paolina


Astroloba dinosaur

Astroloba dinausor 250x250_2


Aloe black gem


Pachyphytum rubra

Pachyphytum rubra 250