Astroloba dinosaur

Can we dare you to buy this dinosaur?

The unique Astroloba dinosaur variety owes its name to its colour: dark green with a few light green spots. It is an extremely hardy succulent and quite large in size. The soft spines on the leaves are a translucent shade of greenish white.

FAMILIY Asphodelaceae
GENUS Astroloba
SPECIES spiralis
PLANT PATENT ‘Ovasdino’ (Patent by OVATA)
TRADE NAME Astroloba dinosaur

Astroloba dinosaur: an extremely hardy, big plant. Can we dare you to buy a dinosaur?


Color: In principle the plant can be put in almost any place in the house you like: from the window sill on the north side to the bedroom, as long as it is not in full sun.
Location: Partial shade or shade.
Water: The plant only needs a little water and therefore can do without for a fairly long period of time. Moderate watering once a month is sufficient.
Intended for decoration and not for consumption.