Pachyphytum oviferum

Moonstones of Mexico”

Pachyphytum oviferum loosely translates to ‘thick plant bearing eggs’! And that sums up the appearance of this succulent pretty well.



Born in Mexico

The Pachyphytum, common name Moonstones, belongs to the family of the Crassulaceae and grows in the rocky mountains of North-East and Central Mexico. Mexico is about 47 times larger than the Netherlands and because of the great diversity in landscapes the climate also varies greatly. Pachyphytum is derived from the Greek ‘pachys’ which means thick and ‘phyton’ which means plants. Inside these thick leaves water is stored in order to deal with the long droughts. The plant has a powdery layer to protect it from the sun.

FAMILY Crassulaceae
GENUS Pachyphytum
TRADE NAME Pachyphytum oviferum


Sun: In principle the plant can be put in almost any place in the house you like: from the window sill on the north side to the bedroom, as long as it is not in full sun.
Location: sunny place, but half shadow is also not a problem
Water: the plant only needs a little water and therefore can do without for a fairly long period of time. Moderate watering once a month, preferably from the bottom, is sufficient.
Not for consumption.