Echeveria curly pearl

Fantastic wavy leaves and gradient colours

This is a succulent with remarkably wavy leaves in a diversity of hues. Sunlight – as well as ageing – can cause the colour of this plant to morph into shades of mauve, silvery blue and green. The flowers produced by Echeveria curly pearl are a beautiful shade of pink and orange.


Born in Mexico

The Echeveria belongs to the family of the Crassulaceae and grows in the North-East of Mexico. This part of Mexico consists mainly of deserts with barren hilly landscapes. Here the Echeveria grows against a rocky background. Mexico is about 47 times larger than the Netherlands and because of the great diversity in landscapes the climate also varies greatly. This Echeveria is sometimes also called the rosette succulent and has the most divergent and amazing coloured leaves of all succulents.

FAMILY Crassulaceae
GENUS Echeveria
PLANT PATENT ‘Ovpearls04’ (Patent by OVATA)
TRADE NAME Echeveria curly pearl

The wavy foliage, in a warm array of blending colours, make Echeveria curly pearl an attractive houseplant. Ideal for an all-season environment, this succulent truly brings nature into your home.


Color: Echeveria’s are warmth and sun loving plants. If you place Echeveria in the sun, the leaves of this succulent will become even more intense in color.
Location: Echeveria likes a sunny place, but half shadow is also not a problem. If you have just purchased the plant do not put it in the full sun immediately, but let it get adjusted in half shadow for a few days.
Water: The plant only needs a little water and therefore can do without for a fairly long period of time. Once a month moderate watering, preferably from the bottom, is sufficient.
Intended for decoration and not for consumption.