Echeveria lilacina

Shell-shaped beauty

A very striking succulent plant because of the almost white, silver with lilac leaf color. The nickname of the Echeveria lilacina is ‘ghost echeveria’ for a reason. The leaves are shell-shaped and arranged in a symmetrical rosetteche rozet.


  • Elegent lilac color
  • Very Strong – One of the strongest Echeverias
  • The plant can grow into a large rosette of up to 25 cm wide


Born in Mexico

The Echeveria belongs to the family of the Crassulaceae and grows in the North-East of Mexico. This part of Mexico consists mainly of deserts with barren hilly landscapes. Here the Echeveria grows against a rocky background. Mexico is about 47 times larger than the Netherlands and because of the great diversity in landscapes the climate also varies greatly. This Echeveria is sometimes also called the rosette succulent and has the most divergent and amazing coloured leaves of all succulents.

FAMILY Crassulaceae
GENUS Echeveria
TRADE NAME Echeveria lilacina

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Kleur: De plant kan in principe op elke gewenste plek in huis neergezet worden: van een vensterbank op het noorden tot de slaapkamer. Alleen volle zon is minder geschikt.
Standplaats: Half schaduw of schaduw.
Water: Weinig, de grond eerst uit laten drogen voor er opnieuw water wordt gegeven.
Niet voor consumptie.