Crassula magical tree

A bringer of good luck

The Crassula magical tree is one of the best-known succulents. Its green oval leaves, edged in red, are a highly recognizable feature of this succulent. It is also known as the ‘Money Tree’, because it brings good energy, prosperity and happiness. Crassula magical tree grows like a real bonsai tree.


It is known by many names: Money Tree, Dollar Plant, Jade Plant, Lucky Plant and Friendship Tree.


  • Easy to care plant with shiny oval green leaves
  • In the autumn the plant can start blooming: white, fine flowers are then growing in the hearts of the plant


Born in South Africa

The Crassula belongs to the family of the Crassulaceae. This plant grows in the dry and rough countryside of South Africa, including the Karoo. The Karoo is a vast semi-desert, which is virtually entirely without trees. The plant stores water in its thick leaves, which enable it to withstand (long) droughts. The Latin word ‘Crassus’ means thick. The South African flora belongs to the most important floras in the world. No less than 10% of all known types of plants can be found here.

FAMILY Crassulaceae
GENUS Crassula
TRADE NAME Crassula magical tree

The beautiful green oval leaves with a red edge make this a particularly rewarding plant. Its appearance is well suited to any interior. This succulent is also called the ‘Money Tree’ because it brings good energy, wealth and happiness.


Color: It likes a sunny place, but half shadow is not a problem either. Therefore it can be put in almost any place in the house you like: from the window sill on the south side to the bathroom.
Location: Light, sunny. If you have just purchased the plant do not put it in the full sun immediately, but let it get adjusted in half shadow for a few days. In the summer months the Crassula can be put outside on a sunny terrace or balcony.
Water: The plant only needs a little water and therefore can do without for a fairly long period of time. Moderate watering once a month is sufficient.
Intended for decoration and not for consumption.