Cereus paolina

Enjoy this oldtimer

The Cereus paolina is a unique variety in our range: this cactus has no spines! This dark green succulent is one of the easiest plants to look after and is therefore a popular houseplant! Cereus paolina likes a sunny spot, but can survive just as easily in the semi-shade. You can be assured of enjoying this succulent for a long time.


Born in Mexico

The Peruvianus belongs to the genus Cereus, which is part of the Cactaceae family. This columnar cactus grows in central Mexico, from San Luis Potosi to Hidalgo. Mexico is 47 times the size of the Netherlands and because of the wide variety of landscapes, the climate varies enormously as you travel through the country. Kept indoors, Cereus can grow to a height of one metre. This cactus is a popular cactus not only due to its lovely shape and colour, but also because it is particularly easy to care for.

FAMILIE Cactaceae
BENAMING ‘Paolina’
HANDELSNAAM Cereus ‘Paolina’

A special plant, reminiscent of times gone by and loved by all. Cereus paolina is a friendly cactus, as it has hardly any spines. You can be assured of enjoying this timeless cactus for a long time!


Color: In principle the plant can be put in almost any place in the house you like: from the window sill on the north side to the bedroom, as long as it is not in full sun.
Location: Partial shade or shade. Full sun is also no problem.
Water: The plant only needs a little water and therefore can do without for a fairly long period of time. Moderate watering once a month is sufficient.
Intended for decoration and not for consumption.