The SuPure® assortment is the result of our dedication to growing succulents in harmony with nature. It represents the very best in succulents on the market today:
superior in purity.

Our SuPure® varieties are grown in the most sustainable, modern and highly automated greenhouses, and with the greatest passion. No matter the time of year, every succulent is grown to display the same high quality standards, intensity of colour and sturdiness. 70% of our product range can be obtained exclusively through OVATA. The succulents we grow are thoroughly tested to ensure a long-lasting and sturdy plant that can easily satisfy the high SuPure® standards.

SuPure® by OVATA is available through the supply portals, incl. Floriday, FloraXchange and our personal sales division.

    Aloe black gem

    Gasteria tessa

    Echeveria thriller pearl

    Echeveria magma pearl

    Echeveria silver pearl

    Echeveria sky pearl

    Echeveria olive pearl

    Pachyveria scheideckeri

    Echeveria moon pearl

    Echeveria indigo pearl

    Echeveria setosa

    Echeveria purple pearl

    Echeveria pulidonis

    Echeveria lilacina

    Echeveria green pearl

    Echeveria curly pearl

    Echeveria agavoides

    Pachyphytum rubra

    Pachyphytum oviferum

    Crassula sunset magic

    Crassula trompet

    Crassula minova magic

    Crassula minor

    Crassula hobbit

    Crassula magical tree

    Crassula hulk

    Crassula curly green

    Gasteria noa

    Gasteria feline

    Gasteria sophie

    Gasteria beguinii

    Gasteria okavango

    Gasteria flow

    Gasteria little warty

    Astroloba dinosaur

    Haworthia limifolia

    Haworthia cooperi

    Haworthia concolor

    Aloe vera

    Aloe sugar crystal

    Aloe squarrosa

    Aloe perfoliata

    Aloe jaws

    Aloe humilis

    Aloe demi

    Aloe variegata magic

    Echeveria spoon pearl

    Aloe aristata magic